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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Krautkramer USM2 £POA   Krautkramer USIP12 £POA
Krautkramer USK6 £POA   Sonatest SS100 £POA
Krautkramer USK7 £POA   Sonatest SS110 £POA
Krautkramer USN52 £POA   Krautkramer USIP11 £POA
Sonatest SS130 £POA      
Please Note - Prices vary with equipment condition
Ultrasonic Thickness Meters
Krautkramer DM2 £POA   Sonatest T Mike £POA
Krautkramer DM3 £POA   Sonatest Comparagage £POA
Radiation Monitors
Wallac RD8 Monitor £300   Wallac RD10 Monitor £490
Gamma Equipment
Techops 660 container £2500   Gammamat TIF container £POA
Techops 660B container £2950   Windout for Gammamat container £1000
Techops 664 Windout £1250   Techops 680 Cobalt containers £10500
Gammamat TI container £POA   Gammatron Cobalt containers (with sources) £POA
X-ray Equipment
Philips MG102L 100kv 10mA Mobil Constant Potential x-ray system. £9800   Philips G301 300Kv 5mA Half wave x-ray system £5000
Philips MG161L 160kv 10mA Mobil Constant Potential x-ray £18,000   Philips G220 220Kv 5mA Half wave x-ray system £4000
Philips MG225L 225Kv 10mA Mobil Constant Potential x-ray £25,000   Philips MU17 Real Time x-ray cabinet c/w Philips MG165 x-ray system. £POA
Philips MG225L c/w 160Kv 10mA tube head £16,000      
Other Equipment
Film Drying Frames £50% list   Various X-ray Stands(CP Units) £1750
Lead number/letter kits £50% list   Duststorm cabinet with extraction system £2000
Film Drying Cabinets £POA   2m & 3m Olympus Fibrescopes £4500
Manual film processors £POA   Equotip Hardness Testers £1800

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Not all of our equipment is on this list. Please contact us for your specific equipment requirements. We also purchase equipment which you may have for disposal.
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