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NDT Equipment Services Limited is a Company specialising in providing a broad spectrum of inspection and test equipment for inspection companies, process plant, manufacturing and service industries for both UK and overseas markets.

The Company operates from two UK locations with the headquarters at Billingham, Cleveland which is the Northern and Hire Division and the second works at Northamptonshire which is the Southern and manufacturing division.

With progressive growth of the the Company, several facilities are duplicated at both works in order to enhance UK coverage. Both works occupy approximately 6500 square feet with up to ten employees at each location.

The Company has been trading since 1990 and has undergone a continued expansion thereafter. The key personnel in the Company have a considerable number of years experience in many areas of inspection which has facilitated the wide range of Company activities including X-ray, Gamma Ray, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant.

The total staff numbers twenty persons plus associated major subcontractors for some specialist design and manufacturing back up. Primary activities are undertaken in house.

Key Areas of Operation

The key areas of operation of the Company are:-

  • HIRE The Company provides an extensive and expanding range of equipment for hire covering the main disciplines as detailed above and to also cover optical, CCTV, radiation safety, grade sorting, gas detection and other associated test and safety areas. A full list is contained in our Product Catalogue.
  • SERVICE The service and calibration activity has progressively expanded to provide in house capabilities in the main disciplines. The X Ray service facilities enable the largest X Ray units to be fully maintained. The Company has a large range of service and maintenance contracts in operation and are pleased to quote for service and contracts for instruments and systems.
  • CALIBRATION This activity runs in parallel with the service facility whereby all hire equipment is calibrated to the appropriate standards. The Company also undertakes full on site calibration including X Ray, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and Magnetic Systems. The range of products for which the Company can offer calibration will continue to increase.

  • CALIBRATION BLOCKS The Company has continual investment in CNC machines and specialist facilities to provide the capability of manufacturing an extensive range of high quality calibration blocks fully certifed to the requirements of all relevant standards.

    Prior to workshop receipt, material is fully ultrasonically inspected and coded. Rough machined material is heat treated and checked for acoustic characteristics.

    Special blocks can be manufactured to customer specifications in any material. Calibration standards can be supplied in tubes, bar, shafts and other components.

    A Calibration Block Selector Wallchart is available showing many standard block types and details, plus several types of calibration standards.

  • EQUIPMENT/CONSUMABLES The Company has developed several key equipment's which are manufactured in house. These include film viewers, radiation alarms, densitometers, ultrasonic multiplexers, magnetic yokes, plate testing trolleys, rail testers and pipeline inspection trolleys.

    Additionally a complete range of equipment and consumables is offered for the range of NDT disciplines, and an 84 page PRODUCT CATALOGUE is available. The catalogue contains extensive information on a very large range of equipment and consumables.

    A range of larger semi portable equipment is available for specific inspection requirements. Guided wave pipe inspection service and equipment are also offered.
  • SYSTEMS A wide range of in house developed systems are now available. The key units are Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and Magnetic Particle and the Company now offers X Ray, real time X Ray and Dye Penetrant. The Company also offers system refurbishment and upgrades. This activity covers all aspects of design and manufacturing including control and data logging software. Back up service, maintenance and calibration are an integral part of the activity. A list of standard systems plus a large range of associated data sheets are available.
  • REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT An extensive range of refurbished and calibrated equipment is always available. Equipment requirements can also be sourced for your specific needs.

    We also purchase surplus equipment or can trade in.

    The range includes X Ray, Gamma Ray, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant and MPI. A list of equipment is on the web site - but not all the equipment is listed. Prices are indicative and may vary with age and condition of items.

Quality/Policy Statements

The Company has achieved ISO 9002 accreditation Reg. No. F532838 and will continue to enhance the accreditation for additional areas of operation. The endorsement of the Companies activities with ISO accreditation's is seen as a valuable asset to be positively maintained. The general Company policies are:

  • to offer a comprehensive product range
  • to offer good technical support
  • to provide value for money
  • to give personal attention to customers needs
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BS EN ISO 9002

NDT Equipment Services Facility

NDT Equipment Services Facility

NDT Equipment Services Facility

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