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Larger Equipment

In addition to the extensive range of portable equipment and consumables, larger equipment and specialist equipment is also available.

See our product catalogue for more details

Units Include:

  • TecniTest Pipe Line Crawlers
  • X Ray & Gamma Ray Units
  • From 10" - 60" Pipe Bore
  • Modular Concept

  • Pipe inspection Trolley Unit
  • Pipe Bore Diameters From 24" Upwards
  • Forward/Reverse with variable speed
  • Complete with tools and accessories

  • Iris Inspection System
  • Internal Tube Inspection System With Rotating Probe
  • From 12.2mm to 63.5mm Tube Bore
  • Mapping of Test Results

  • Lixi Imaging Scope - Real Time X-ray
  • Non Contact Measuring System
  • Measurement of pipe diameter and thickness under insulation
  • Detection of wall loss under insulation.

  • Silverwing Tank Floor and Wall Scanners
  • Floormap Tank Floor Scanner
  • Pipescan/Handscan for Manual Scanning
  • Scorpian for Remote Controlled Thickness Checking.

  • Mobile Darkroom
  • Completely self contained units to customer requirements
  • Viewing room, office working area, kitchen, storage

  • Dexim 4000 - Tubular inspection System
  • Flux Leakage Inspection of Pipe
  • Pipe Diameter Range 2 3/8" to 10" O.D.
  • Chart Record of Test Results

  • Guided Wave Pipe Screening System (click here for more details)

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Pipeline X-ray Crawler
Pipeline X-ray Crawler
Pipeline Inspection Trolley
Pipeline Inspection Trolley
Iris Tube Bore Test
Iris Tube Bore Test
Lixi Imaging Scope Lixi Imaging Scope
Lixi Imaging Scope
Tank Floor Scanner Tank Floor Scanner
Tank Floor Scanner
Mobile Darkroom
Mobile Darkroom
Dexim Pipe Inspection
Dexim Pipe Inspection
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