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Guided Wave Pipe Inspection Service

Rapid Screening Service For Assessment of Pipe Corrosion
Guided Wave Pipe Inspection Service
  • Detection and positioning of corrosion in straight pipe and bends
    - Inspects under insulation
    - Road crossings and hidden penetrations
    - Surface Pipelines
    - Jump Overs
    - Lamp Posts
  • 1" to 36" diameter Range
  • Incorporating enhanced flaw detection with variable wave modes and frequencies.
  • On line interactive reporting
  • No need to remove paint
  • Only needs to the removal of a narrow ring of insulation for transducer application
  • Up to 50metres tested to either side of a transducer ring
  • Typically 100 metres of pipe inspected from a test position


Additional Data Sheets are available
Equipment sizes and technical support
Full Inspection service package for field and plant inspection of pipe.

Typical Real Time Test Report
4" Diameter painted pipeline crossing under a roadway.
Typical Real Time Test Report

Pipes are inspected in both directions from a test position.

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