Portable Equipment & Consumables

A complete range of portable equipment and consumables is available and detailed in our 84 page PRODUCT CATALOGUE.

We aim to offer a compete package supply - or single items. Separate leaflets are available for many of the units.

The range includes:

bullet Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors bullet Film Processing Chemicals
bullet Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges bullet Dye Penetrant Chemicals
bullet Radiation Signs bullet MPI Chemicals
bullet Radiation Safety Equipment bullet Welding Gauges
bullet Lead Intensifying Screens bullet Coating Test Equipment
bullet Image Quality Indicators bullet Eddy Current Units
bullet Cassettes & Screens bullet Plate Testing Trolley
bullet Underwater Thickness Gauges bullet Pipeline Inspection Trolley
bullet Intrinsically Safe T. Gauges    

Click Here for a comprehensive listing. All numbers refer to our product catalogue.

Note: The pipeline inspection trolley is a new unit. Please request the separate data sheet.